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Demonic Dreams

Who knows....maybe I'm just behind you, in the back of your head....

27 February
Okay, My name is Simim. I live in Houston, and someday I'll be an accountant.

I work at an Asian restaurant.

I think I am/was a demon. The term commonly used is Demonkin, but I prefer "Demon Incarnate."

I am an agnostic alatrist, aka I worship nothing, but acknowledge the potential existence of anything. I have atheist leanings, so I'm less likely to support your creation theories than to support scientific method.

I am a supporter of Anarcho-capitalism, but normally follow the system because I am lazy.

I am dating my boyfriend Jack and have been for 4 years as of January 17th, 2009. I am hopelessly, but not unfortunately, in love with him. I'd do anything for him, 100%, without a doubt.

Him, and my family. I have my mom and dad, who are still together, my 2 younger sisters, and my 2 black Labrador retrievers. I love them with all my heart and essence.

I AM an ass. I AM a noob-basher. I AM a spelling nazi. I AM an insult monger, and I WILL mock you, regardless of whether you are my friend or not. But you'll love me for it, nonetheless. <3